Shelf Life Of SkyGeek Items

We are unable to advise any shelf life information prior to an order being placed.

Sky Geek’s policy is to ship the freshest product possible. Product is shipped on a “first in – first out” basis. We do not make any guarantee as to the length of time remaining on any shelf-life item.

If knowing shelf life is critical, or you have a specific requirement, please make a note of that in the comment section when placing your order. You must note your % shelf life requirement. This is the most effective method of obtaining the desired shelf-life. 

When noting the shelf life information on an order, it is helpful to put a range: we can accept 50-80%, or note if the product is for immediate use (you can accept 30%).

If the requirement noted is too high for the product you are ordering (we can receive anywhere from 50-80%, or higher, depending on the manufacturer, item, and supply chain), we will reach out with the range of stock we have, or typically receive so that we can make sure your order expectations can be met before processing. 

We will then ship your order based on your requirements, or reach out to you with the % shelf life we have available for your acceptance before shipping.




Shelf Life requirements must be noted on your order when submitting. SkyGeek will not approve any return requests due to Shelf Life if there were no requirements on the original order. 

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