Why do I have to fill out an order screening form?

To ensure that skygeek does not engage with unauthorized parties, personnel must conduct export screening to include prospective and existing customers for software, technology, and servicing, against the Denied Persons List (“DPL”).

In addition, freight forwarders, vendors, banks and issuers of letters of credit, foreign visitors, and consultants must be screened against the DPL. If a party’s name is found on the list at any point, any order or further action with respect to that party must be suspended.

Why do I have to fill out the form if I am not exporting the item?

In order to comply with US Export Laws, even if you are not exporting the item, we will need you to state that this is for personal/company use, and you do not plan to export this item to any other Country. 

This form is used as part of our screening process and has to be completed before we can quote/sell certain items.

Sample Order Screening Document:





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