Sales Tax Exemptions

Skygeek is in the process of updating our sales tax exemption system. If you are exempt from sales tax, please create an account and then email your state-issued Sales Tax Exemption certificate to us at

Please provide us with one of the following:

  • Reseller certificate - this form is either issued by your state or a state form that contains your business registration number, OR
  • A tax exemption form that exempts you from tax for a particular reason, such as a non profit organization
  • If you are part of a Government entity - please send us a form if you have one. We can also check your status if your mailing address or your email address is .gov.  

Once we receive your certificate, we will apply it to your current order, refunding the sales tax that was paid.

Note: We will keep the certificate on file for future orders and will mark your account as tax-exempt. Each user from your organization will need to be marked as exempt as the classification is unique to each email address on file. Or, all orders will need to be placed from the same account login.

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