How much do you charge for shipping?

Calculating shipping charges is more complicated today than it has ever been, so we do it all for you right on our website. Since it isn't possible to calculate postage, handling & insurance until the order is complete and the computer programs run, we encourage our customers to visit to determine the total amount of their order, including shipping charges.

Shipping costs vary by item, your location, and the shipment method you use. You can easily find out shipping costs by adding an item to your shopping cart  and then choosing a shipping method. Don't worry, you won't be charged to do this.


From here you can either continue to shop and add more items to your cart or go on to complete the checkout process. 

If a shipping method is chosen it will carry though to the checkout page. You can change the shipping method anytime during the checkout process.



Choosing the "Collect Shipping Account" method  allows you to use your own FedEx, UPS, DHL or Motor Freight Shipping account number. When this method is chosen, a new field displays where you can enter your account number.


More information about our Collect Shipping Account option can be found here

It's important to realize that not all shipping methods are available for all locations or products. For example, we can only ship items that are considered "dangerous goods" by FedEx or UPS Overnight or Ground Service.

All of the charges include the dangerous goods charges. Customs fees and duties are not included.

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