Gill or Concorde Battery Return Information

Have a Gill or Concorde Battery that has failed in service?

To start the “Warranty Procedure” please start by giving the battery manufacturer a call:

  • Gill (800) 456-0070
  • Concorde Domestically (800) 757-0303 or Internationally (626) 813-1234.

More information on specific warranty information can be found in the following links:

Once you have an official RMA Number from the batteries manufacturer, contact our support team so we can get you a replacement battery shipped pronto!

Gill / Concorde will replace with a new battery without charge  any battery which fails in service within 90 days. The addition of any chemical other than water or battery grade sulfuric acid voids this warranty. Please note that batteries that are broken, discharged or fail due to freezing or abuse are not covered. (Shipping and transport charges will be applied.)

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