GPS Trade In

Thanks for contacting SkyGeek for a quote on your used GPS! At the bottom of this email you'll see current trade-in values for your GPS unit. But first, please read through how our trade-in program works.

1. Print and fill out this GPS unit trade-in form:

Send your used GPS and completed form to:

Attn: GPS Trade-In

Styles Logistics, Inc.

30 Airway Drive, Suite 2

LaGrangeville, NY 12540

Please include the completed GPS trade-in form so we know the who, what, when, where and why about the used unit coming back.

2. Used units must be in "like new" condition and include all original accessories. Any known problems with the unit (missing parts, damage) must be discussed with us before the unit is sent to us. Please note: SkyGeek reserves the right to refuse to buy a unit if this requirement is not met, or if damage to the unit is not disclosed.

3. Send the used unit to us using whatever shipping method makes you happy (you’ll need to pay for the shipping). Remember to include the completed GPS trade in form so we know who you are and what you are sending us. Our shipping/receiving department is a very busy place.

4. SkyGeek will contact you regarding the purchase of your used unit within 7-10 business days.

5. If the unit and accessories are approved, you will be issued a SkyGeek credit for use towards a sweet new GPS or any other items on our site. If condition of unit is less than "like new" and/or accessories are missing, the GPS unit may be rejected for the estimated trade-in value quoted. (If that’s the case, we will contact you about what to do next.)

6. Still have questions? Drop us an email at Our lines are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.

Thanks again for your interest in our trade-in program. Below you’ll find our list of current trade-in values.

    * GPSMAP295 Value: $200.00
    * GPSMAP196 Value: $180.00
    * GPSMAP296 Value: $400.00
    * GPSMAP396 Value: $600.00
    * GPSMAP495 Value: $700.00
    * GPSMAP496 Value: $850.00
    * GPSMAP695 Value: $950.00
    * GPSMAP696 Value: $1100.00
    * AERA 500 Value: $350.00
    * AERA 510 Value: $600.00
    * AERA 550 Value: $700.00
    * AERA 560 Value: $900.00
*Note: Listed values are for "like new" GPS units with all original accessories included.

The following items are required for a successful transaction:

    * GPS Unit
    * Lithium Ion Battery Pack (296)
    * Portable Antenna (196, 296, 396, 495, 496)
    * Low-profile Remote Antenna (ALL)
    * PC Cable (196, 295, USB cable for 296 & 396, 495, 496, ALL AERAs)
    * Trip and waypoint manager software (296, 396, 495, 496)
    * A/C wall charger (296, 396, 495, 496, Aera 560)
    * Cigarette lighter adapter (ALL)
    * Auto Mount (396, 495, 496)
    * Yoke Mount (ALL)
    * Friction Mount (ALL)
    * Tilt Mount (196, 296)
    * Owner's Manual (ALL)
    * Carrying Case (ALL)
    * Quick Reference Guide (ALL)
    * GXM 40 XM Antenna (Aera 560)

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